We consider our wine a reflection of our farming philosophy.  Natural, clean, and healthy wine comes from the care that is put into the vines.  They receive light energy and warmth from the sun, nutrients from the soil and microbiology, and lots of love from us.  What they give back in a bottle is first and foremost a measure of how specially it's enjoyed with friends and family.


The love, dedication, and respect that we give our vineyard is part of what it means to be estate grown.  It also means that we control the production and supply chain from vine to bottle to you.  We offer a direct market, locally farmed, Southern Oregon product.  Coming new in 2019, a 2017 Runner Red blend and sparkling wines.


The Light...

Our Tempranillo blocks fill the West half of the vineyard and receive the last warmth of the sun as it sets in the Applegate Valley.  They represent the eternal promise of light, to measure and grow in time.

Vintage: 2016


The Doorway...

Our Primitivo block graciously welcomes visitors to the vineyard.  These vines serve as the doorway to Apricity's charm and beauty and show the way through the vineyard.

Vintage: 2016 (Reserve)


The Walk...

Our Petite Sirah, like its name, is a small block that invites gathering and walking while sharing in the appreciation of coming together. 

Vintage: 2016 (Limited Availability)


The Shelter...

Our Syrah block has provided a shelter in its hearty tendrils and canopy for more Sparrow nests than anywhere on the vineyard.  It represents foundation, home, and family.

Vintage: 2016  (Sold Out)


The Water...

Like waves of water, our Chardonnay block rolls between Primitivo and Syrah in contrasting color and represents the interconnected balance of life that the vineyard provides.   

Vintage: 2017


The Wall...

Our Viognier block grows strong along the East property line of the vineyard.  Like a wall, these vines separate and protect the other varietals from outside the vineyard borders. 

Vintage: 2017


White/Red Blends

Named for the distinguished Runner breed of Anas Platyrhynchos Domesticus (Domestic Ducks).  A breed without the ability to fly, but with amazing vineyard forage expertise.  Our flock has become proud members of our family and we are happy to share them on these special blends. 

White Vintage: 2016, 2017

Red Vintage: 2017 (Available 2019)


Teaming up with vintner Linda Donovan and the Pallet Wine Company to make our wines was an obvious decision for us.  Our wines are sustainably produced in Southern Oregon's first LIVE certified custom crush facility and minimally processed to allow their naturally expressive depth.  Only native yeasts guide fermentation while neutral oak ensures the signature flavors of our terroir and farming.   

Pallets commitment to sustainable wine making ensures that our Certified Naturally Grown grapes take center stage in the winemaking process.  This means minimal intervention, limited sulfites, and never any chemical additives.  We work with Pallet throughout production to achieve the perfect expression of our vineyard philosophy.  We are pleased to offer the truly unique results of this collaboration.

Apricity Vineyard

5719 Jerome Prairie Rd., Grants Pass, Or 97527

T. 530-640-0910