A.PRIC.I.TY/a-PRIS-i-tee/adj. & n. the warmth of the sun

VINE.YARD/VIN-yerd/n. a plantation of grape vines esp. for wine making  

Named for the warmth of the sun on a plantation of grapevines, Apricity Vineyard is a boutique, countryside vineyard, planted in 2014 on what was then a horse pasture and hay fields.  These hay fields are still very much a part of the vineyard, as every Spring and Summer the alleyways are painted in a green covering of native clover, Timothy, and fescue grasses.  Located in the northwest region of the Applegate Valley appellation, the vineyard enjoys the benefits of a protected climate and the last warmth of the sun as it sets in the valley.

The Oregon Applegate Valley is an especially diverse growing region.  As part of the greater Rogue Valley appellation, the climate and terroir allow for a number of different varietals and ways to farm.  We have embraced this diversity with six unique varietals currently planted.  Tempranillo is our main varietal, covering 4 acres.  The remaining 4.5 acres are planted in Viognier, Primitivo, Syrah Noir, Petite Sirah and Chardonnay.  All of which are produced into naturally expressive estate wines. 


Our first release of 2016 vintage White Wine, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Primitivo wines will be available Summer 2018 and be offered in our newly renovated tasting room.  We invite you to experience the warmth of the sun where the Rogue and Applegate rivers meet and try our unique estate wines.

Apricity Vineyard

5719 Jerome Prairie Rd., Grants Pass, Or 97527

T. 530-640-0910