Monocultures are hard to find in nature.  A biodiverse farm system is really just the natural result of encouraging life.  By eliminating chemical inputs that are designed to kill everything but a single crop, we can help promote the living organisms that naturally want to thrive in our environment.  We want to promote life and the biodiversity that naturally comes with it.  As farmers, we feel like this is a lot easier than trying to ensure that only one targeted species lives while everything else is eliminated.  In addition to encouraging and promoting the natural biodiversity of plant, soil, and insect life on the farm, we are working to introduce a few other integrated systems.


There are two ponds on the vineyard that provide irrigation water to the vineyard's drip system.  They also provide a habitat for an array of wildlife, insects, fish, and amphibians.  


Birds, ducks, geese, and the occasional deer are the norm at Apricity.  In addition to eating ripe grape berries ;), sparrows and other birds will occasionally help us with pest management by eating unwanted bugs.  


25 Indian Runner ducks call Apricity Vineyard their home.  They are cared for and protected in our fenced in west pond where they enjoy year round access to shelter, water, bugs and shade trees.  The runners are allowed to forage freely in the vineyard where they take care of unwanted pests.  


Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the ducks.  And be sure to check the Runners out when you visit!  For more information on Indian Runner Ducks, check out the Indian Runner Duck Association.


We have recently contracted with James Stamp of Wine Country Coops and Stamp Associates viticultural services out of Sebastopol Ca, to design and build a chicken tractor coop that will work in the vineyard alleyways.  We are extremely excited to work with James on the design and implementation of this coop.  We expect to house and rotate approximately 15 chickens throughout the vineyard year around.  Our chickens will work in tandem with the runner ducks as part of our organic integrated pest management and fertilizer plan.  


Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the chicken tractor and our family chickens.  Be sure to check out the chicken tractor when you come out to the vineyard and visit Wine country coops and Stamp Associates for more information on James and his services.