Plant diversity is a natural feature of the vineyard as previously planted and volunteer grasses, clovers, and wild flowers grow throughout the vineyard alleyways.  This plant diversity provides a natural alleyway floorcovering, protecting the soil for much of the year, while providing the soil biology with carbon and nitrogen.  They also help choke out noxious weeds while providing a habitat for insects.


The vine rows are mechanically cultivated, which loosens the soil, while it aerates and weeds.  Mechanical row crop cultivation eliminates the need for chemical herbicides and allows us to efficiently manage the vine rows.  

Vine foliage is treated with nutrients and microbes designed to stimulate a natural systemic resistence against pests and fungus. In addition to foliar nutrition, we incorporate best management practices including trimming, thinning, and trellising to maintain proper ventilation and health throughout the vineyard.  


In addition to natural cover cropping, we promote the soil biology utilizing a macro/micro mineral and trace/ultra trace element amendment plan, which is designed to promote microbiology, organic matter, biodiversity, and root health.  The rows are fertilized with nutrient dense, farm produced and organically sourced compost. 

Ecological farming is:

  • Locally produced and sold
  • Community based
  • Innovative production methods
  • Natural diversity
  • Clean soil & water
  • Chemical free management 
  • Adaptive to changing conditions

Ecological farming is not:

  • Dependent on corporations and global food chains
  • Production farming at the cost of its labor force
  • Wasteful
  • Mass produced
  • Chemically dependent
  • Environmentally unsustainable
  • Polluting

We are proud to "Eco-farm" the highest quality, biologically produced grapes, reflective of our passion for natural agriculture and the health of the vineyard.  The result is unparalleled, ecologically inspired wines.  Be sure to join our mailing list and stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information on the vineyard.


Our farm ecosystem is a natural result of encouraging life.  By eliminating inputs that are designed to kill everything but a single crop, we can help promote the living organisms that naturally want to thrive in the environment.  An array of plant species provide a habitat for a multitude of insect species, which in turn provide food for different foragers, including the vineyard Runner ducks and chickens.  All of which, provide nutrients back to the soil to continue the cycle. 


We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm and supporter of the CNG grass roots alternative certification initiative. As a partner together with other CNG farms, we are working to promote not just organic farming, but direct market, locally farmed, community based agriculture systems, and helping to preserve the models of sustainable farming for future generations. Be sure to look for this certification on all of our labels begining with our 2017 wines. It verifies that our grapes were produced to the highest standards of natural farming.  To learn more about what this means for the vineyard, please visit the Certified Naturally Grown website here, and be sure to check out our farm profile page.

We think its important to support local groups that promote the ideals of responsible farming, and LIVE is certainly a leader in this regard for the Pacific Northwest wine industry.  LIVE is committed to ensuring responsible and principled standards of environmental stewardship in local grape and wine production.  Partnering with LIVE means that we are helping to promote these standards as part of a community of Northwest winegrowers.  We expect to be LIVE certified and carry their certification on our wines by the end of 2018. For more information on LIVE and what this means for our grapes and wine, please visit their website here.

Apricity Vineyard

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