Apricity Vineyard is a charming boutique vineyard planted in 2014 on what was then a horse pasture and hay fields.  These hay fields are still very much a feature of the vineyard as every Spring the rows are painted in the greens of clovers, Timothy, and fescue grasses.  Located in the northwest tip of the Applegate Valley AVA, the vineyard enjoys the benefits of long summer days and the last warmth of the sun as it sets in the valley.  With only 8.5 acres of planted vines, the small scale allows us to dedicate unlimited attention to every aspect of vineyard maintenance throughout the year.  Each vine is hand maintained and cared for.

The vineyard is planted in 4 acres of Tempranillo, the vineyards main crop.  Tempranillo means "early" in Spanish and usually lives up to its name as the grapes ripen several weeks earlier than most other red varietals.  The remaining 4.5 acres are planted in Viognier, Primitivo, Syrah Noir, Petite Sirah and Chardonnay.  All of which are produced into fine estate wines. 

We are part of a small farming community so please help support the local family farms in the Rogue Valley.  We hope you can visit us and enjoy the vineyard at Apricity as soon as we are open. Keep in touch with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and be sure to check out our blog, for updates on the vineyard throughout the year.