Pruning Has Begun

Our 2018 season is underway.  Pruning has begun here at the vineyard and we are excited to get this season started.  We try to delay pruning as long as possible for multiple reasons but mostly to protect the vines from active bacterial activity that may be present in early winter versus late winter and to help jumpstart new growth.  This hasn't exactly helped this year as winter has set in late with below normal temperatures and plenty of snow just as we started.  The conditions have limited our progress to be sure.  In past years, the cuttings have been left in the alleyways to be shredded by a flail mower, which doesn't always work that well.  This year, we are going to try and collect the cuttings and shred them to be composted.  This will be far more labor intensive but worth it if we can generate some good cover mulch for the gardens or to be put back on the vine rows.  Be sure to stay connected with us for updates on our vineyard operations throughout the season. 

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