Hurricane Maria & A New Beginning For Dominica

On September 15th, Hurricane Maria ravaged through the Common Wealth of Dominica (not Dominican Republic) as a category 5 storm.  What was left in the wake of its path was nothing short of total devastation.  Dominica's infrastructure and economy were left in the rubble of mud slides, floods, and mangled trees.  Life's basic necessities of food and water were suddenly no longer available.  But out of this destruction, there is a renewed hope and optimism based on self resilience and community strength.  In Dominica, there is a chance to rebuild the infrastructure from the ground up, based on shared unity and a sustainable future focused on food self sufficiency, renewable energy, and local economic strategies.  A first of its kind chance for a country to rebuild on the foundation of community based self sufficiency.  


There is a way to help turn this strategy into a reality.  Please visit the pongovi.org website to see if there is a way you can help and check out the Pongovi Foundation Facebook page for up to date information on rebuilding efforts.  The people of Dominica don't need our sympathy, they need our shared passion for their efforts.  

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