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To help commemorate the release of the iPhone X, and the imminent disposal of millions of throw away phones in addition to billions that have already been disposed of, outsourced supply chains, unsafe working conditions, throw away economics, plastic oceans, and toxic components, we thought we would share some tips to maximize the life span of the phones that are left.  These tips are courtesy of the new film Death By Design.  You can check out the films website here.  Whether we view sustainability through an agricultural model, a consumer model, or both because they are inherently linked, we need to begin to take steps to integrate the concept of a sustainable future as a whole into our viewpoint.   


Optimize Your Settings

1. Dim your screen or enable the auto-brightness function.


2. Use Wi-Fi rather than a cellular network when accessing data on your phone or tablet, since Wi-Fi connections consume less power.


3. Turn your Wi-Fi off when you are not using your laptop — it eats up power. It may also help if you quit apps and disconnect peripherals that are not in use. Ejecting an SD card on your laptop can likewise help save your laptop’s battery life.


Check Your Battery Usage

You can analyze your battery usage by going to the settings yourself or installing apps that can do that for you. You can further optimize your battery life by doing the following:


1. Disable the feature allowing apps to run in the background.

2. Uninstall unnecessary apps.


Update Your Device To The Latest Software

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, updating your device to the latest version of OS X, iOS or watchOS is a good idea.


Avoid Exposing Your Device To High Temperatures

Batteries work best in cooler temperatures. Charging you device and storing it at high temperatures can damage the battery capacity. Refrain from exposing your device to temperatures higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius.


Use Airplane Mode

Switch your phone or tablet to Airplane mode when you’re in an area with low or no cell coverage. The same can preserve your battery life when you’re sleeping or not planning to use your phone for a period of time.


Charge It Around 50 Percent When Storing The Device

If you would like to keep your device for a long time, you must store it half-charged. If you store it fully charged long term, it will shorten the battery’s life. On the other hand, if you store it fully uncharged, the battery could go into a deep uncharged state. You should also keep it in a moisture-free and cool place.


However, if you intend to reuse the device after storing it for some time, you may need to charge it for 20 minutes with the original adapter.


Remove The Device’s Case When Charging

Try to remove the style case of your device when you are charging it, as it may generate excess heat. The heat can have an effect on its battery capacity. When you see that your device is getting hot, you should take it out of its case.


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