Tempranillo Harvest 2017!

Our 2017 Tempranillo harvest is complete.  All of the grapes are now entrusted to the capable hands of wine maker Linda Donovan and the team at Pallet Wine Co.  We couldn't be more proud of these grapes and the hard work our crews put into making this harvest a success.  We have lofty expectations for this vintage Tempranillo based on the health and amazing taste of these berries.  Next up will be the harvest of our Chardonnay and Viognier varietals.  On a side note, we were truly impressed with the number of beneficial insects we noticed during the harvest.  We were especially encouraged by the number of spiders we would see as we picked the grapes and noticed crawling through the grape bins.  It's always a privilege to have such amazing coworkers on our side! 

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